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My Story

I'm Michelle Sola, a native New Yorker and a Licensed Massage Therapist with a deep connection to holistic wellness, influenced by my Puerto Rican heritage which created my foundation of spirituality, community, and healing.

With a Bachelor of Science in psychology and biology and a degree in massage therapy, I've developed a strong grasp of how the body and mind work, fully embracing holistic care. I value communication and education with my clients ensuring they feel empowered throughout their wellness journey.


My approach integrates my background in Myofascial Release Therapy with a psychosomatic approach, but our sessions will be custom fit to your needs, whether you need
to unwind or manage specific musculoskeletal conditions.

I strive to provide a massage experience that
incorporates elements of
traditional healing to
improve mobility, manage pain, and make you feel better overall.

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